Modern and reliable intralogistics automation system

To ensure a smooth flow of products in and out of your production or warehouse, you need reliable equipment and machines, modern information systems, and skilled personnel.
With a high-quality intra­logistics system, you can make sure that your products are in the right place at the right time.
Ware­house management software makes it easy to locate the required products and the automated intra­logistics system dispatches the goods in line with the instructions given by the software.

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Extending the intra­logistics system’s service life

Let’s start with the modernization of the existing system. The conveyor system’s logic controllers are old and spare parts are expensive and hard to find. No one knows how to fix the old control system or even dares to try. Automation may rely on an old PC operating system. Or the old system does not support the company’s operations in the best possible way. Does this sound familiar?

An old intralogistics system can be upgraded at 20% of the cost of a new ware­house automation system. Often old mechanical devices are in perfect working order. When the automation components and control systems are brought up to date, the intralogistics system’s service life can be extended by up to 15 years.

Makron is here to help you. We can carry out a modernization audit to determine which parts should be changed and which can be kept. At the same time, you have a perfect opportunity to add new features and functionalities.

We can take care of the modernization project from start to finish. We procure all the required devices, conveyors, robots, and automation components. We will program the control system. When necessary, we will also supply new warehouse manage­ment software, which will help streamline your warehouse manage­ment. We have extensive experience with projects like this, even for large international companies.

By modernizing your system, you can make your logistic operations more reliable and save time and money when errors can be minimized.

Or are you planning to build a new system from scratch? We can carry out the entire intralogistics project for you, from design and procurement to electrical installations and commissioning.

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The warehouse management system customized to your needs

Makron delivers warehouse management systems that are customized to the needs of your intralogistics and operations. The software brings together manual operations and the automated warehouse system formed by conveyors, automatic pallet rack lifts, AGVs and robots.

The process can be either manual or extensively automated but either way, the main benefit is that you always know where your stock is: you can locate the product you need, identify a product located in a certain spot, and keep up to date on the total amount of stock. Via the system, you can, for example, check later in which storage location a specific pallet was stored. 

The software sends the warehouse automation system information that guides the products to the right location. Any deviations and problems are addressed.

The database-based software is easy to use via a PC interface and it also creates all the reports you need.

Our software is not limited to intralogistics: we can also create interfaces for production systems’ logic controllers and other systems, such as sales, production, or invoicing software and IoT systems. We have experience with a wide range of applications, including the food sector and metal industry warehouse systems and various production plants.

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Why choose Makron?

industrial iconExtensive understanding of industrial processes

We have a team of mechanical engineers, PLC designers, robotics experts, electrical engineers and HMI designers working together. We can give you advice and offer solutions. We work with the manu­facturing industry in a variety of fields, which provides us with know-how on the needs you may have and the challenges that may occur.

integrations iconBringing automation and software expertise together

We create the connections between systems. We determine which systems must communicate with one another, what information they convey and how. We create the required interfaces between the systems and turn individual intralogistics components into a seamless entity.

support iconCustomer support in a central location in Finland

We are based in Lahti, Finland, from where we can easily reach the site in case of any problems that arise. If needed, we also offer remote support.

An example of a modernization project we carried out

BE Group Turku

  • modernization of automated rack lift control system

  • replacement of automation components


We modernized the automated rack lift’s electrical automation system. The new system has variable-frequency drives that generate energy to the electrical net­work to improve energy-efficiency. The system was modernized with Siemens’ TIA logic and S120 frequency converter systems.

energy-efficient functional modern



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