Reduce delivery times for control cabinets by up to 80%

In collaboration with Makron, you can meet growing customer expectations. Efficient control cabinet manufacturing helps decrease delivery times and reduce costs.

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Control cabinet installation

Control cabinets in accordance with your needs


We can help you with all control cabinet manufacturing needs. We manufacture control cabinets and boxes for your machines and production lines in accordance with your drawings or you can let our skilled electrical engineers take over the design work for you.

We deliver you control cabinets that have been inspected and tested and meet all requirements set by standards. In addition to manufacturing, we can take care of programming and installation anywhere in the world.

We have extensive experience of working as a cabinet manufacturing partner for operators in challenging sectors, such as marine and mining industries.


A certified manufacturer


An ISO 9001-certified quality management system is the foundation of Makron’s cabinet manufacturing operations.

Makron is a UL 508A- and UL-CSA C22.2-certified manufacturer. This means that we can design and manufacture control cabinets that are approved for use on the North American market.

A UL certified control cabinet meets the strictest requirements for electrical and fire safety. The UL mark indicates that the product has been designed and manufactured in compliance with the standard, use-approved components, and that it has passed thorough inspection and testing.

Alternatives to conventional control cabinet manufacturing


Your customer orders machinery that requires a control cabinet. You contact cabinet manufacturers for offers, place an order and somewhere along the line you receive the cabinet you ordered. This conventional delivery process takes up time at both ends of the chain: the customer and the supplier.

What if you had a manufacturing partner that delivered the control cabinets with much less lead time?

With Makron as your manufacturing partner, you save time and money. How? Download our guide to learn more!


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